About the Publisher

Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc. (PAIR) is a scientific and professional organization of research institutions, researchers, academicians, and educators with currently 144 active member institutions and more than 6,000 national and international individual members across the country and beyond. It is a SEC Registered with SEC registration number CN200728844. It is affiliated with the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), United States of America. PAIR organizes national and international conferences, publishes academic and scientific journals, and conducts national and international research trainings. PAIR provides recognition to researchers with outstanding achievements.

PAIR journals cover a broad range of scientific disciplines and feature articles published on an electronic platform each year.

JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research aims to publish new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge that are contributed by member researchers.

JPAIR Institutional Research aims to publish researches by practitioners who focus on students, faculty, financial/economic, technical, and institutional studies designed to provide decision support to the stakeholders.

Philippine Journal of Agricultural Economics aims to publish researches focusing on farm management and production economics, agricultural marketing, agricultural policy and development, food and nutrition economics, and environmental and natural resource economics.

International Journal on Graft and Corruption aims to publish multidisciplinary research in the wide spectrum of disciplines. These are original manuscripts applied research, policy research, notes and scientific review articles.