Policy on Handling Complaints

Complaints received via email may come from writers, peer reviewers, editors, institutions and individuals in matters such as but not limited to authorship issues, fraudulent claims, lack of ethical consideration, plagiarism, poor grammar, and erroneous methodology. The complaint shall be the subject of the meeting of the editorial board in which the complainant and the subject of the complaint shall be given equal opportunity to present their side and their evidences. Thereafter, the editorial board shall deliberate on the case and shall issue a decision which will be submitted to a legal expert on intellectual property for review and recommendation. The results of the lawyer's recommendation shall be deliberated by the Editorial Board for final decision. This decision shall be communicated in writing to both parties. The decisions may either be deletion of the article from the database and archive or watermarked with "RETRACTED" if subject of complaint is found guilty.

For complaints, please email journals@philair.ph.