Peer Review Policy

  • Before submitting the work, the authors are asked to check the author guidelines of JPAIR publications. We stand for critical analysis, in-depth study, and the most effective means of disseminating research articles.
  • Once an article has been submitted for publication in our journal, authors should not submit the same article to another journal or remove articles that have already been accepted. Manuscripts with content that is outside the scope will not be reviewed.
  • Three (3) Peer Reviewers will review each article. If necessary, the article may be subjected to additional scrutiny. When needed, authors will be given timely information regarding the review process. An article is considered “PASSED” for peer review when endorsed by two (2) reviewees.
  • The journal reserves the right not to accept the article if it fails to follow the PAIR Qualifying Standards. By referees’ report, the Editor-in-Chief can decide and notify the authors if their article is not accepted for publication. The editorial board will do oversight review.
  • The manuscript will be considered as confidential once it has been submitted. Other than the author, no other individuals or publication agencies will be contacted about the manuscript.
  • We will take all the necessary actions to prevent the misuse of privileged information or ideas obtained through a peer review of submitted articles and will not be used for any competitive gain.
  • Any time along the process, the editorial team/reviewers have the right to request any supporting documentation (datasheets, informed consent, research approval letters, and relevant ethical documents).
  • The privacy and confidentiality of the peer reviewers and their work will be protected.
  • The journal used double blind peer review.