JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research <p>is an international, scholarly and scientific open access journal, and peer-reviewed research articles. </p> Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc. en-US JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2012-3981 Enhancing Muscular Strength with Resistance and High-Intensity Interval Training Using a Fitness Mobile App Guide <p align="justify">Physical educators face the challenge of adapting how their classes are perceived to address student health and physical inactivity. The study aimed to enhance the health-related fitness component of muscular strength with strength training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) based on the program provided by a mobile application. The study employed a quasi-experimental research design that accommodated 20 female participants in Group 1, the strength training group, and 17 female participants in Group 2, the HIIT group. After the participants recorded their scores in the pretest using the standard push-up test, they were exposed to their assigned intervention programs using the mobile app as their guide. The post-test followed the same testing procedure as the pretest. Findings reveal that the female participants performed moderately in the standard push-up test, both in the pretest and post-test. The post-test scores of the strength training group differed significantly from their pretest results, indicating that the training effectively enhances muscular strength. On the other hand, the HIIT group did not significantly differ, implying that there is no sufficient evidence in the claim that HIIT significantly improves muscular strength. The finding further reveals that strength or resistance training is more effective in enhancing muscular strength. Thus, researchers can conduct a further empirical investigation to determine how effective HIIT is in enhancing muscular strength, considering the gender, age, and skill level of the research participants.</p> Bleza Bantayan Copyright (c) 2023 Bleza Bantayan 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 1 15 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.675 Influence of Pre and In-Service Training Programs of the Kindergarten Teachers in the Implementation of the Kindergarten Curriculum <p align="justify">This study investigated the significant relationship between the extent of pre-and in-service training of kindergarten teachers and their performance ratings in 2020-2022. The profile of teachers was identified, which focuses on educational attainment, number of years in teaching and in-service and pre-service seminars attended by teachers, the extent of the pre and in-service trainings, and their performance ratings in two consecutive years. This study employed a non-experimental correlational research design, and the respondents were the 385 kindergarten teachers in the Division of Sarangani. The results showed that 70.87% are non-Early Childhood Education graduates and 17.47% of the kindergarten teachers are pursuing master's degrees, not specializing in Early Childhood Education, and 7.77% are pursuing master's degrees specializing in Early Childhood Education. Findings revealed that the pre-service trainings of kindergarten teachers are less extensive. However, the in-service trainings for kindergarten teachers are highly extensive. The performance rating of the kindergarten teachers in the two school years is Very Satisfactory. There was a strong significant relationship between the extent of pre and in-service teachers' training and their performance rating in the two school years. With the results of the study, it is recommended that teachers teaching kindergarten should pursue a master's degree specializing in Early Childhood Education. Also series of trainings and seminars should also be conducted to help kindergarten teachers improve their performances.</p> Resa Dee Santos Copyright (c) 2023 Resa Dee R. Santos 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 16 33 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.696 Students Satisfaction with the Laboratory Services and Facilities in the College of Business Laboratory Areas <p align="justify">Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management major in Cruise Ship Services is one of the programs offered by John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod. This program provides higher education for students to advance their knowledge and a complete set of facilities for students to use. Several studies addressed the issue of delivering service quality in higher education due to the increasing number of enrollees. As the school undergoes accreditation with the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation, it seeks to assess if the program meets the stringent requirements continually; hence, it is crucial to carry out this research. The study’s main objective was to determine student satisfaction with the services and facilities in the College of Business’ laboratory areas. This study was participated by 159 BSHM students. A research-made survey questionnaire was utilized through the use of Google Forms. Frequency count, rank, mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA, and Pearson Product Moment Correlation were utilized in the data analyses. The findings showed that the expected service quality attributes, when taken as a whole and when students are grouped according to year level and section, are very much visible. The study revealed a very highly satisfying quality of services in the laboratory area.</p> Violeta Neri Kristine Rose Necesario Frances Joy Faniega Copyright (c) 2023 Violeta A. Neri, Kristine Rose P. Necesario, Frances Joy S. Faniega 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 34 60 10.7719/jpair.v40i1.397 Mediating Effect of HRM Practices between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Real Estate Industry in Metro Manila, Philippines: A Literature Review <p align="justify">Human resource management (HRM) practices have been highlighted as essential for boosting organizational efficiency and keeping a competitive edge. A company's human resource management (HRM) division is crucial in raising customer and employee satisfaction levels with its services. Studies have shown that human resource management practices simultaneously impact service quality and customer satisfaction. Customer service excellence is also essential in evaluating client happiness. This literature review seeks to understand how clients view service quality, what factors affect customer satisfaction, and how human resource management practices mediate these effects. The sources and references came from research databases such as Google Scholar, the Open Access Directory Journals, and other websites. The review findings suggest that service quality aspects impacting customer satisfaction are crucial. It provides evidence supporting this conclusion by showing that service quality positively affects customer satisfaction. Finally, effective HRM practices significantly impact service quality and customer satisfaction. Service quality, a multifaceted idea, is crucial in determining customer satisfaction. The five dimensions of the Service Quality paradigm provide a comprehensive framework for defining and enhancing service quality, particularly in the real estate sector. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can rise by offering exceptional service in the five areas mentioned above. Businesses may boost customer loyalty and happiness by providing high-quality service in these five areas. Companies that offer excellent service and a positive customer experience are likelier to keep their current clients and attract new ones.</p> Janice Pascua Genaro Japos Copyright (c) 2023 Janice R. Pascua, Genaro V. Japos 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 61 87 10.7719/jpair.v40i1.398 Determinants of Investment Decisions among Retirables: Towards an Investment Planning Model <p align="justify">This study is about the determinants of investment decisions among retirables to evaluate their preparedness of retirables in terms of investment before they retire, the perceived factors that influence them to invest, and their knowledge and education in financial management. It also creates an investment planning model that will fit the needs of the individual depending on their income and risk appetite to invest. The study uses a descriptive correlational method, and the results revealed no significant difference between the respondents according to the three determinants (Investment Behavior, Financial Preparedness, and Investment Influencers). Therefore, they do not differ in terms of determinants in making decisions. However, there was a significant relationship between investment determinants of retirables and investment influencers. The correlation of 0.864 between investment determinants and investment influencers for the retirables was highly correlated and statistically significant. The investment determinants influence investment decision-making; thus, it is claimed that determinant factors are extremely important to implement their investment plan for retirement preparedness. Consequently, knowing the investment determinant behavior is the key to practicing Investment planning. It is recommended, therefore, to strengthen the level of financial preparedness and education of employed people at an early age to raise awareness and improve their understanding of financial risks when they are no longer earning (retired) and make necessary investments.</p> Lovely Tinguha Romario Ybanez Copyright (c) 2023 Lovely R. Tinguha, Romario P. Ybanez 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 88 108 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.218 Relevance and Responsiveness of the Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration Program as Assessed by Stakeholders <p align="justify">Responsiveness/relevance is perceived as the starting point for determining what constitutes a quality education. Since development is necessary, systems that support development, like education and training systems, must be responsive. This study is focused on the relevance and responsiveness of the Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA) program and to determine whether the initiatives currently practiced by the college to make the program relevant/responsive are effective. John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod is a higher education institution that offers a BSCA program and is the only one in Negros Occidental. However, despite the very satisfactory results in the board examination in the past years and the high demand for employment in the import and export industry, only a few are enrolled in the program. Hence, the conduct of this study is to explore opportunities to improve enrolment. This descriptive study used the survey method to gather the data needed, with Mean and Standard Deviation as statistical tools. A discussion with representative stakeholders was made on the initiatives and strategies practiced by the college to calibrate the program. The respondents were 24 BSCA students, 53 alumni, and 22 industry representatives. The findings showed that the BSCA program is relevant and responsive to a very great extent, as assessed by the alumni and students, and relevant/responsive to a great extent by the industry.</p> Ruth Balajadia Copyright (c) 2023 Ruth B. Balajadia 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 109 129 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.584 Extent of Forensic Practices of Police Investigators: A Basis for Enhancement Plan <p align="justify">In criminal investigations, the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management – Police investigators are required by Philippine National Police orders to conduct forensic science-based crime scene investigations. In order to ensure that every government employee adheres to the accepted belief that public office is a public trust, it is challenging to assess the work of police detectives performing crime scene investigations using forensic technology. This essential value of forensic science in police investigations is undeniable. This study discusses the scope of police forensic methods in ballistics, photography, and dactyloscopy, specifically in the Province of Antique. These issues regarding the scope of practices in conducting investigations and forensic examinations are expressed via a survey questionnaire and a series of statistical tests. In addition, the report outlines the difficulties experienced by these Philippine National Police investigators. The results of the study found that police investigators had a high level of forensic experience with ballistics and photography. Further, results revealed low level of forensic experience with dactyloscopy.. Therefore, Police investigators, among many solutions, may consider the following to be of great help: 1-attending relevant seminars and trainings involving dactyloscopy, and 2- specifying budget allocation for lacking equipment.</p> Japhet Quiape Ermee Joy Painaga Copyright (c) 2023 Japhet V. Quiape, Ermee Joy F. Painaga 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 130 139 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.601 The The Rise of Start Up of Young Entrepreneurs in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Economic Growth Center of Legazpi City <p align="justify">Microbusinesses are booming nationwide, including in Legazpi. Small enterprises closed, personnel resigned at historical rates, and the global supply chains were disrupted during the pandemic. Disaster-prone areas struggled with COVID-19's economic and regulatory limitations. The government's aid isn't enough to support a family, notably in lockdown areas. Some young people began businesses to survive this epidemic situation. This qualitative research investigated how to create an intervention program to help start-up young entrepreneurs overcome the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. If Legazpi City's five growth centers—Bigaa, Bitano, Capantawan, Washington, and Taysan—could surmount their young entrepreneurs' challenges, economic activity would rise, as would businesses. The results proved that making a profit drives the respondents. According to the findings, most young entrepreneurs have difficulty accessing capital. This study is vital to humanity's survival in the current crisis. Thus, the proposed intervention program must focus on either exploring or implementing innovative forms of marketing or a more refined version of an already successful business strategy to solve the young entrepreneurs' struggles with access to capital that would be alleviated if these laws were universally applied.</p> Sheila Mae Llamasares Copyright (c) 2023 Sheila Mae A. Llamasares 2023-01-26 2023-01-26 51 1 140 151 10.7719/jpair.v51i1.613