JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research <p>is an international, scholarly and scientific open access journal, and peer-reviewed research articles. </p> Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc. en-US JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2012-3981 Community Extension Profiling of the Teaching and Non-teaching Personnel of the University <p style="text-align: justify;">Building a community that needs assistance from various organizations, such as academic institutions, is a way to carry out the mission of helping to improve not only the living conditions of the underprivileged but also to have a more significant impact on the morals and principles of the faculty and staff who participated community extension related activities. With relevant provisions of the Higher Education Act of 1994, or Republic Act No. 7722, passed in 1994, and the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order No. 48 Series of 1996, Institutions of higher learning are supposed to have a reliable community extension program. Through community-based research, the CARES program of the University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue Campus continued to uphold the spirit of service to the community. As guided by the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives and following the philosophies of the organization, the CARES program was able to create the flagship of every department, and it has been the primary foundation for community service in the partner community. This study is a descriptive, quantitative research design that was conducted on the Faculty and Non-teaching personnel at the University of Cebu – Lapu Lapu and Mandaue Campus. This study's primary goal is to determine the profile of faculty and non-teaching volunteers, know the different programs and activities that they want to be involved in, and determine the reasons for participating in the program. Also, to propose a recommendation based on the result of the study.</p> Richie Montebon Rafael Bachanicha Melvin Monton Jean Careen Engkong Alladino Labana Copyright (c) 2022 Richie L. Montebon, Rafael M. Bachanicha, Melvin Monton, Jean Careen M. Engkong, Alladino P. Labana 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 1 12 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.442 The Appreciation of Cryptocurrency: A Study on Digital Asset Knowledge among Rural Bank Personnel in the Second District of Albay Province <p style="text-align: justify;">The COVID-19 pandemic is a modern problem brought about by ease in travel, advanced trade and industry, and the like. This global health concern requires solutions to limit face-to-face interactions, such as cryptocurrency. The researcher makes an effort to use less fiat, which results in paperless transactions. With this system already in place, this study examined how rural bank personnel appreciate cryptocurrency. This study used the descriptive research design and an online survey as its data gathering tool. The respondents were regular employees of rural banks in the second district of Albay who consented to participate in the study. The statistical methods used in the study were the Kendall Coefficient of Concordance W and Chi-square. The findings are the following: the rural banks' managers were less appreciative of cryptocurrency, and supervisors and office staff felt indecisive about their appreciation. Also, there is a significance of agreement among the respondents in terms of knowledge, regardless of rank. In general, the respondents were not ready to understand and accept cryptocurrency. This study recommends further research to involve other professionals in Albay. The rural bank personnel may also attend webinars regarding digital assets and cryptocurrency. It also recommends the collaboration of banks to improve cryptocurrency appreciation and related concerns.</p> Jefferson Ng Theresa Nasser Copyright (c) 2022 Jefferson C. Ng, Theresa T. Nasser 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 13 24 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.824 Standardization of Alternative Learning Modality in the Higher Education Institution (HEIS) In Albay <p style="text-align: justify;">Standardizing alternative learning modalities in private and public schools encountered problems among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Albay. Poor internet connectivity and lack of trainings for faculties and students is the most massive problem upon implementing the alternative learning modality with limited face-to-face classes. The study gives an important guide and information to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Albay in implementing standardization of alternative learning modalities with or without the pandemic. To accomplish the objectives of the research, the mixed method is used a descriptive qualitative method and a descriptive-quantitative method. The primary sources of data were the school administrators' Higher Education Institutions in the first district, second district, and third district province of Albay. To create and implement an effective standardization of alternative learning modality among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the province of Albay, a proposed model called BETIZ model is projected. It represents the processes to Build, Evaluate, Test, Implement, and Zeal for Excellence in making operations of alternative learning modality successful that can be adopted by the target beneficiary of the study.</p> Jeymar Betiz Copyright (c) 2022 Jeymar B. Betiz 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 25 35 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.823 Tone in UNICEF Press Releases in the Global Settings: A Contrastive Analysis <p style="text-align: justify;">Tone sets the readers' mood in which the writers confide their writing styles which can convey much of the cultural background of the community to where they belong. In the world's preceding advancement, the tone in a text has limited literature in the field. This motivated the researcher to look at the press release as it is the new face of public relations. The nature of the study is on Intercultural rhetoric (IR)/Contrastive Rhetoric (CR), the study of written discourse between and among individuals with different cultural backgrounds. The study used quantitative and qualitative approaches as they complement the richness of the study. The gathered press release headlines of UNICEF written by authors from varied discourse communities, namely the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States of America, had gone through content analysis and discovered the ingenuity and inspiration in their word selection in writing headlines. The headlines from the Philippines are analyzed for having a committed tone and logical and analytical attitude. Interestingly, press releases from Thailand have a committed tone as well. On the other hand, press releases from the USA have a neutral tone.</p> Nikko Domingo Copyright (c) 2022 Nikko J. Domingo 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 36 51 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.429 Bicol College Property Management System for Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Students: Mock Hotel Operation <p style="text-align: justify;">Bicol College Hospitality Management Department uses third-party software to assess students through the practical exam. Using third-party software makes it difficult for the Hospitality Management Department in terms of flexibility, availability, and scheduling. This study is for Bicol College Property Management System for Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Students: Mock Hotel Operation aimed to answer this problem. It has the ability to perform different automated processes of how a hotel is being managed, similar to the third-party software they are using. However, a lot more features have been added, like the technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The four phases of Rapid Application Development (RAD) helped the researchers to gather enough information to conduct this study successfully. The collection of data focused on three categories: Overall Design, Functionality, and User Friendliness. To test the developed system, the researchers conducted a demonstration, beta testing, and distributed questionnaires with the participants based on a quantitative method. The researchers received positive feedback from the participants. In conclusion, the researchers met and filled the gaps in this study. They had also proven that they successfully met their general and specific objectives.</p> Joan Pavia Kervey Mar Jush Bonilla Wilken John Cordovilla John Reysel Pama Ceejee Baula Eugene Bermejo Copyright (c) 2022 Joan F. Pavia, Kervey Mar Jush Bonilla, Wilken John B. Cordovilla, John Reysel N. Pama, Ceejee L. Baula, Eugene O. Bermejo 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 52 66 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.820 Coping Mechanisms of Mainstreamed Learners <p style="text-align: justify;">The Corona Virus Disease (COVID)-19 pandemic caused the implementation of distance learning that deprived learners of regular school routines ( This mixed-methods research evaluated the coping mechanisms of mainstreamed learners, the recommendations of the parents and learners, and the program that can be implemented to improve the implementation of mainstreaming learners with disabilities (LWDs). Results revealed that LWDs exhibited low avoidance and rebellious characteristics but high reconciliation and determination indicators. The focus group discussion verified the instructional-related challenges encountered. Mainstreamed students have a strong drive to cope with instructional-related challenges. To improve instructional issues, schools should contextualize lessons, especially in Mathematics. Video lessons should be available. The partnership between teachers and parents must be strengthened, and family support initiatives must be intensified. The researcher's framework, Rx Education for the Mainstreamed in Time of Pandemic, can be implemented, which involves Medical Assessment, Classhome Readiness, Creative Instruction, and Progress Monitoring. Conduct of annual medical assessments and regular monitoring by experts like Psychologists and Physical and Psychotherapists for the learners' well-being should be in place. The study's results suggest significant implications and references for educators and policymakers.</p> Jeremy Cruz Copyright (c) 2022 Jeremy A. Cruz 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 67 84 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.695 Mediating Effect of Happiness at Work in the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Job Performance: A Literature Review <p style="text-align: justify;">This study aimed to examine scientific articles as the basis for a literature review on the possible Mediating Effect of Happiness at Work in the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Job Performance in the Philippines' Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The study used a qualitative method using a literature review that applies the content of scientific articles from reputable databases such as Google Scholar and many other websites. The results of the study show that happiness at work doesn't exert a mediating relationship between transformational leadership and job performance. However, this concludes that happiness at work has exerted a significant and positive effect on job performance.</p> Angela Denise Pojanes Genaro Japos Copyright (c) 2022 Angela Denise S. Pojanes, Genaro V. Japos 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 85 117 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.692 Spending Behavior of Non-Teaching Personnel in Private Higher Educational Institutions in Albay Province <p style="text-align: justify;">Spending behavior is disbursing money in response to an action, an environment, or a person to satisfy needs and wants. Employees provide their services in exchange for payment, which may take the form of wages or salary. The aim of this study was to determine the spending behavior of non-teaching personnel in private higher educational institutions in Albay and how they are going to improve their spending behavior. This study used mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative research designs, and utilizing a survey questionnaire which has three parts, to gather the necessary data and information needed for this study. Using the statistical tool frequency count and percentage distribution, Likert scale, and ranking. The analyzed data revealed that the respondents "often" spend on their necessities and "seldom" when it comes to their leisure. However, there are problems encountered by the respondents along with their spending practices that resulted in not having a budget plan. Employees should always keep track of their expenses to ensure proper spending. As a result, they will become more aware of their finances, which will make it easier for them to alter their spending habits by being able to track where their money is going. Employees should be aware of the significance of their financial decisions. They will have a better chance of being financially secure if they have the right knowledge in handling finances.</p> Feb Marie Llona Copyright (c) 2022 Feb Marie F. Llona 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 118 139 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.437 Utilization of Standard Electronic Payment System among Private Higher Education Institutions in the Province of Albay <p>Electronic Payment Systems, the transfer of funds through electronic or digital mediums. Several electronic payment options are available, including mobile wallets, bank cards, and mobile banking. Electronic payments are quick and efficient, and the fund transfer occurs instantly. Electronic payments are quickly gaining popularity in the Philippines, giving students a secure and practical means to pay for enrolment fees and other educational costs as schools adopt alternative learning techniques. The purpose of this research is to determine the status of electronic payment in the selected Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in the second district of Albay and propose a systematic model that HEIs can adopt to lessen the costs and risks of handling cash transactions. The study used a mixed method, the qualitative and quantitative research design, to analyze and hence boost the validity of the data. According to the data presented, the GCASH application is one of the most used applications when paying online. It is more accessible and less hassle to use. Furthermore, using the Kendall Coefficient of Concordance, the perception of the selected private HEIs has shown a significant correlation to each other, resulting in a rare use based on the data analysis. The selected private institutions currently take electronic payments. Still, they have not yet thought about giving students and parents the most control over those payments online, and schools are still adapting electronic payment systems.</p> Rina Marie Espeleta Copyright (c) 2022 Rina Marie M. Espeleta 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 140 158 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.571 The Effects of Hybrid Work Model on Employees and Staff’s Work Productivity: A Literature Review <p>COVID-19 had remarkable effects on different sectors and industries that pushed them to cope and adjust to the abrupt change in all facets globally. Including universities and colleges, management prepared an effective action plan in response to the current crisis. Institutions decided to adopt the hybrid work model where employees, including the management and educators, work by turns from home or remotely and on-site. The study uses the literature review to investigate available scientific literature on the possible effects of the hybrid work model on the employees' work productivity, specifically in a higher education institution. The sources and references came from research databases such as Google Scholar, the Open Access Directory Journals, and other websites. The results suggest that employees should feel and experience positive well-being, a sense of belongingness in terms of collaboration, and continuous innovation to cope with the new set-up of hybridity, which will not compromise their work productivity.</p> Jinella Marie Castaneda Genaro Japos Wenifreda Templonuevo Copyright (c) 2022 Jinella Marie M. Castaneda, Genaro V. Japos, Wenifreda R. Templonuevo 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 159 178 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.537 Lived Experiences of the Graduate School Professors in Albay amidst Covid-19 Pandemic <p>Everyone affects by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic would have a vastly different impact on each professor. This study aimed to analyze the lived experiences of graduate school professors in private higher education institutions in the second district of Albay and the challenges experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Primarily, this research investigated the experiences brought by the shift to different modes of delivery of education from the traditional face-to-face. This study used qualitative and quantitative research designs interview guide, and a survey questionnaire to obtain necessary data and information. The study found that the majority of professors encountered the same challenges encountered power interruption and low internet connection. The study concludes that the respondents can effectively manage their time and pace because of a new way of instruction on the use of the internet. In regards to and in line with the findings, the professors experienced more negative reactions about internet connectivity and technical difficulties, thus hindering them from fully benefiting from the new learning. Professors should be reflective and adaptable in terms of Instructional delivery, learning environment, time management, and student assessment. They may have had to learn how to use different technological tools through the internet and ensure that it can be delivered effectively online.</p> Jeorge Notario Copyright (c) 2022 Jeorge M. Notario 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 179 198 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.539 Teacher Support on Students' Attitude toward Research Writing <p style="text-align: justify;">Discussions on research writing have always been associated with the teachers' role in influencing students' attitudes to pursue it. This study determined the teachers' role in students' attitudes toward research writing. This study was focused on the 124 Grade 12 students of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School, Gingoog City, who took up Practical Research 2 subject using the mixed explanatory methodology research design. With descriptive statistics and linear regression analysis, the influence of teacher support on students' attitudes toward research writing was examined. The results revealed that students in their research writing experienced strong teacher support. Likewise, it was shown that teacher support directly impacts students' attitudes toward research. The study concluded that while other factors may affect students' attitudes toward research writing, the teacher factor was among the most significant. This further implies the need for teachers to provide students with holistic support, specifically instructional, to handle the subject effectively and sustain the students' interest in writing their papers.</p> Jayson Digamon Jerome De La Pena Copyright (c) 2022 Jayson S. Digamon, Jerome N. De La Pena 2022-10-03 2022-10-03 50 1 199 209 10.7719/jpair.v50i1.821