Tone in UNICEF Press Releases in the Global Settings: A Contrastive Analysis




Social Science, contrastive rhetoric, tone, content analysis, world English, press release, Philippines


Tone sets the readers' mood in which the writers confide their writing styles which can convey much of the cultural background of the community to where they belong. In the world's preceding advancement, the tone in a text has limited literature in the field. This motivated the researcher to look at the press release as it is the new face of public relations. The nature of the study is on Intercultural rhetoric (IR)/Contrastive Rhetoric (CR), the study of written discourse between and among individuals with different cultural backgrounds. The study used quantitative and qualitative approaches as they complement the richness of the study. The gathered press release headlines of UNICEF written by authors from varied discourse communities, namely the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States of America, had gone through content analysis and discovered the ingenuity and inspiration in their word selection in writing headlines. The headlines from the Philippines are analyzed for having a committed tone and logical and analytical attitude. Interestingly, press releases from Thailand have a committed tone as well. On the other hand, press releases from the USA have a neutral tone.


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Author Biography

Nikko J. Domingo, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija, Philippines


Bell, A. (1984). Language style as audience design. Language in society, 13(2), 145-204.




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Domingo, N. (2022). Tone in UNICEF Press Releases in the Global Settings: A Contrastive Analysis. JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research, 50(1), 36–51.