Financial Sustainability of Sorsogon State University: An Assessment




Institutional Research, Financial sustainability, descriptive, Sorsogon State University, Philippines


The study aimed to analyze the status of the financial sustainability of Sorsogon State University. Determining the extent of financial sustainability as viewed by the administrative staff and the faculty members along with the strategic financial planning, income diversification, and; administration and finance. This study utilized the null hypothesis and tested it with a significant level of 0.05 to measure the difference in the perception of the two groups of respondents. This study could assist the SUC's administrators in formulating policies regarding financial aspects to improve financial literacy and promote the value of transparency, accountability, responsibility, and trust. This descriptive research used documentary analysis and survey questionnaires to measure and analyze the financial sustainability status of Sorsogon State University from the fiscal year 2010 to 2012 along the three pillars of financial sustainability. From this result, an intervention in the form of an income or resource generation manual was proposed to serve as a guide/basis for implementing internally generated projects for Sorsogon State University. Following the findings of the study, it was established that Sorsogon State University has two main sources of budget and income that allow it to continue its operations: government allocations and income created internally by the university.


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Author Biographies

Maryjean Niemo–Gamba, Sorsogon State College

Sorsogon City, Philippines

Jose Winston B. Tabuena II, Bicol College

Daraga, Albay, Philippines




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Niemo–Gamba, M., & Tabuena II, J. W. (2022). Financial Sustainability of Sorsogon State University: An Assessment. JPAIR Institutional Research, 19(1), 197–210.