Join the PAIR Peer-Review Program

PAIR is one of the academic Open Access publishers worldwide. Manuscripts submitted to all our journals are peer-reviewed. Reviewers are involved in all manuscripts submitted to our journals. Based on the reviewer’s comments, the Editor-in-Chief is subsequently making a final decision about how a manuscript needs to be improved.

Recruiting Reviewers. The editorial office has the obligation of selecting reviewers. When a manuscript is received, an editor seeks reviews from scholars or other specialists to serve as reviewers. In rare situations, the authors may suggest reviewers' names, which must be approved by the Editorial Office. The reviewers must have an excellent track record as researchers in the field, as evidenced by researches published in refereed journals, research-related awards, and an experience in peer review. Reviewers are not selected from the author’s close colleagues, students, or friends. Reviewers are to inform the editor of any conflict of interest. The Editorial Board often invites research authors to name people they consider qualified to review their work. The author’s input in selecting reviewers is solicited because academic writing is typically very specialized.

The identities of the reviewers selected by the Editorial Board are kept unknown to research authors. However, the reviewer’s identity can be disclosed under some special circumstances. Disclosure of Peer Review may be granted for the following reasons: as proof that the published paper underwent peer review as required by the university for ranking and financial incentives, for regulatory bodies, and as required by the Commission on Higher Education, and for academic program accreditation. Request for peer review results shall be made in writing.

If you are ready to be a peer reviewer, please submit your CV to with the email subject: Peer-Reviewer Application. After evaluation, we will contact you and let you know where to start.


  1. Send us your CV.
  2. Become a peer-reviewer.
  3. Once listed as Peer Reviewer, the Managing Editor will send an invitation to review a manuscript (inclusion of email: full paper and peer review form). There are times when you are given 1-2 papers to review.
  4. The peer reviewer is given 3-5 days to return the reviewed manuscript.
  5. The Managing Editor will send a Certificate as Peer Reviewer.