JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research <p>Discipline: Multidisciplinary Research</p> Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, Inc. en-US JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2012-3981 Perception of Shoppers on Visual Merchandising in a Philippine City <p style="text-align: justify;">Rivalry in mall operations has painted a new shopping culture that is aimed at providing shoppers the necessary convenience and pampering they deserve. The use of visual merchandising is a means of orchestrating a distinct, worthwhile, and pleasurable shopping experience. It is a soundless and effective marketing tool that communicates to the customers in a matter of seconds and instantly trigger their impulse whether to buy or not. This study describes customers’ views toward important factors of visual merchandising utilized by retail or department stores or malls to influence their purchasing behavior. The descriptive research method was employed in the study to explain the characteristics of mall-goers. Ninety percent of shoppers usually notice visual presentations of malls, and yet the majority of the shoppers made no buying decision based on impulse or visual effects alone. A simple store environment is enough for them. The top three factors of VM that influence their preference on retail or department stores or malls to visit – well-planned store arrangement and layout, courteous salesperson, and product assortment and broad aisles and more spaces. Customers usually tend to engage in impulse shopping behavior when retail or department store or mall deals and other enticing offers are material, especially those that are price related.</p> Freshtille Mae Cuello Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.757 Peace Education and the Promotion of Peace-building Initiatives through Health Care Programs in Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao <p>For several years now, there has been a growing global consciousness on the close connection between health and peace. This study aimed to describe peace education and determine the promotion of peace-building initiatives through healthcare programs in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao. The study utilized the descriptive research design and correlation method using survey, interview, and Focus Group Discussion, to 250 survey respondents, eight informants, and 16 FGD participants from conflict-affected areas of Maguindanao and North Cotabato. Data were analyzed and interpreted using mean and multiple regression methods. The study found out that the delivery of the health care programs, the performance of the roles and responsibilities of the healthcare providers and the use of peace mechanisms were moderately extensive. That peace education has significantly contributed to the promotion of the peace-building initiatives in the conflict-affected areas. However, the health care programs and health to peace mechanisms strongly influence peace education. The study concludes that health care programs have been delivered well, although there is still a need for improvement in terms of the performance of the roles and responsibilities of the health care providers. The use of peace mechanisms still needs to be intensified.</p> Elvira Baquial Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.758 Determinants of Healthcare Utilization among Senior Citizens in Davao City, Philippines <p>As the number of senior citizens increases, issues regarding their utilization for healthcare services are becoming highly relevant to discuss. This study aims to evaluate the potential determinants of healthcare utilization among senior citizens in Davao City, Philippines. Stratified sampling with proportional allocation was employed to select the 2,952 respondents. Data were collected using questionnaires. Of the total sample, 61.0% consumed cigarettes at most two times per week, 70.0% drank alcohol two to three times per week, and 78.3% performed an exercise at most one time per week. Approximately 59.0% reported experiencing two to three symptoms of a disease; however, 56.3% of the respondents utilized healthcare services at most four times for the past six months. Most of the respondents were unaware that they automatically receive PhilHealth coverage in accredited healthcare facilities in the Philippines. Multiple regression analysis revealed that age, sex, family size, monthly income, geographical area, lifestyle factors, and awareness on health insurance were significant determinants of healthcare utilization. The findings revealed the impact of socio-demographic, lifestyle, and health insurance awareness on healthcare utilization among senior citizens. Policymakers and local government unit may consider improving the capability for senior citizens to access health services, such as providing health insurance awareness programs and developing health-promoting activities.</p> Mark Alipio Joseph Dave Pregoner Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.759 Relevance of “Pananaroon” to Islam and Culture of Mȅranaw <p>Mȅranaws of Lanao areas is known as a Riyayatan ko Kambilangataw (role model in characters and good deeds). They have their unique cultural beliefs, tradition, and ethics, such as kambilangataw (etiquette), kaseselai (giving worth), kapoporowai (praise) kasangila (heed), kapamagawida (helping each other), kapakiroroyoden (sense of empathy), and kapamagipata, (caring person). This paper attempted to describe the significance of pananaroon (Mȅranaw proverbs) in contemporary Mȅranaw society. This also to determine the role of pananaroon in the lives of the Mȅranaw people since time immemorial until now. Finally, this is to find out the awareness of the Mȅranaws regarding the practice of pananaroon from the Islamic perspective. The researchers used a qualitative-naturalistic research design. This study gathers data through an oral interview of some informants from Marawi City and Municipality of Butig, Lanao del Sur. Field-based research was undertaken through the observational method, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the traditional leaders, local officials, and selected respondents from the academe. Findings revealed that the etymology of the word “pananaroon” comes from the word “taro,” which means speech. Pananaroon (Mȅranaw proverbs) is already a part of the Mȅranaw cultural practices, especially during important events such as a wedding, enthronement, etiquette, and settling family feuds or conflict. The practice of pananaroon is not only confined to its relevance to the Mȅranaw culture, but it also symbolizes nobility and societal rank in society.</p> Arsalan Diamaoden Insah Mama Mohammad Jihan Macarambon Marwah Camama Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.760 Issues and Challenges on the Mental Health Services of a Selected Municipality in Metro Manila: A Case Study <p>Mental health problem is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. It makes up one-third of the world population. With the increasing number of individuals with mental health problems and difficulties worldwide, countries such as the Philippines are still on the process of addressing the issue of providing quality mental health care services. This study aimed to identify and evaluate the existing mental health services offered in a selected Municipality in Metro Manila, Philippines. Moreover, this sought to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health services to help solve the issues and challenges identified in this study. The study employed an initial semi-structured interview that can lead to a case study, which is qualitative research design. The study was conducted in one of the City Health Offices in Metro Manila. Insufficient budget, lack of trained professionals and mental health workers, lack of mental health system framework, not fully implemented mental health law, and lack of collaboration and integration were the problems identified in providing quality mental health services. Although the Philippine government exerts effort on filling in the gaps in providing treatment and care to those individuals with mental health difficulties, access to mental health institutions in the Philippines favors those near the National Capital Region.</p> William Jo Se Billote Ryan Ponce Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.761 Indigenous Practices and Beliefs of Rice Farmers in the Second District of Capiz, Philippines <p>People of a long time ago lived in harmony with nature. Because of their dependency on environment and intimacy to nature, they have come up with a set of beliefs and traditions that becomes the basis of modern rice farming practices. This descriptive study aimed to investigate and document the indigenous practices and beliefs of rice farmers in the second district of Capiz, Philippines. Using the researcher’s made questionnaire and interview schedule, data were gathered from 59 rice farmers.&nbsp;&nbsp; Findings revealed that the majority of the respondents were in their middle age (45-57 years old) and were high school undergraduate. Before planting rice, farmers perform <em>Bungad </em>(planting rice and lemongrass in the corner of the rice field facing east). In planting rice, farmers assure that their stomach is full, the sea is in high tide, and the moon is in progress to full moon.&nbsp;&nbsp; Another is <em>Gabuo </em>(throwing sliced turmeric while walking around the ripe grains for three consecutive afternoons) to drive away evil spirits.&nbsp; After harvesting, farmers perform <em>pamutang butang</em> or thanksgiving by offering a portion of their best yield to someone they believe mystic.&nbsp; Local farmers utilize mouse traps, dead animals, and plastic strips to get rid of rat, mole cricket, rice bugs, and birds (Maya), respectively. Indigenous practices and beliefs of farmers were based from their forefathers and from their personal observations and experiences. It is recommended that concerned agencies must document farmers’ indigenous beliefs and practices.&nbsp;</p> Jocelyn Magallanes Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.762 Assessing the Senior High School Work Immersion with Partner Industries: Basis for Supervisory Work Plan <p>The researchers wanted to assess the preparedness of the Grade 12 students for work immersion in terms of punctuality, interpersonal relationship, efficiency, productivity, and safety. The descriptive method of research was used in this study. An online survey was conducted from 48 student respondents from Calamba City Senior High School who graduated during the school year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 under the STEM strand. The results showed that students were prepared for work immersion in terms of punctuality, interpersonal relationship, and safety measures, as indicated in their responses. They were not as prepared as the first three mentioned indicators when it comes to efficiency and productivity, as revealed in the responses. Problems like Attitude of superiors towards students, schedule of work, unapproachable co-workers, and tedious work were encountered. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were made: Grade 12 students were prepared for work immersion, and they need more activities to develop themselves to become efficient workers. There were problems encountered by Senior High School students during work immersion with partner industries that need to be addressed in school for them to adapt when they are in the actual workplace easily.</p> Irene Macalintal Criselda De Chavez Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.763 Group Dynamic Courseware (GDC): Innovative Strategic Intervention in Enhancing Basic Mathematical Skills <p>Grade 4 pupils got a low MPS score of 11.11 % in Mathematics pre-test conducted at Banlic Elementary School Division of Calamba, Laguna. As an intervention, the researchers developed Group Dynamics Courseware (GDC) that aimed at enhancing the basic Mathematical skills of the pupil-respondents. The effectiveness of the Group Dynamic Courseware (GDC) was checked through a pre-test and post-test written assessment. The result revealed a mean difference between the pre-test and post-test results of -10.87, which means a significant increase on the academic performance of the pupils after the integration of the courseware. Furthermore, t Stat of the pre and post-test was -14.022 &gt; 2.015 critical value with forty-four (44) degrees of freedom and .000 level of significance. Thus, this directly implies that the Null hypothesis is rejected; therefore, there is a significant difference in the academic performance of the pupil respondents after the integration of Group Dynamic Courseware. As supported by the pupils’ reflection, data revealed that the Group Dynamic Courseware is Highly Effective regarding instruction and pupils' activities. The researchers concluded that GDC in Mathematics had a significant impact on the pupils’ academic performance. Pupils were motivated and engaged in hands-on activities, collaborate with the groups to accomplish an essential task within the prescribed time.</p> Joyce Neniel Rabor Maria Sheila Sumilang Kathreen Merwin` Opinio Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.765 Lived Experiences of Newly Hired Teachers: Basis for Policy Recommendations <p>This phenomenological study described the lived experiences of newly hired teachers about their journey towards achieving the goal of imparting knowledge among their students and in attaining excellence in their chosen profession. The testimonies of the participants provided bases for policy recommendations. The study was participated by ten (10) teachers who were purposively and randomly sampled among public elementary schools in the Schools Division of Calamba City. The purpose was to obtain participants from the rostrum of teachers with a 5-year length of service. An interview guide question was used during the Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The following themes emerged from the experiences shared by the participants: unprepared, under pressure, high expectations, opportunity, errands, culture shock, accountable, confused, tradition, challenging, and unequipped. These and all other challenges in classroom management and instructions, students’ behavior and varied abilities, and lack of resources changed the life of newly hired teachers. They coped with all these challenges by doing researches, being updated, asked for technical assistance, and pursuing continuing professional development. Policy recommendations on deployment and handling of newly hired teachers were highlighted: Process of Assigning Tasks among Newly Hired Teachers, Classroom Management and Discipline, and Diversity of Learners, Interruption of Teaching-Learning Process, and Having a Good Start.</p> Ponciana Quimque Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.766 On Assessing Public Leadership as Basis for Public Service Enhancement <p>The descriptive quantitative research explored the different dimensions of public leadership in relation to organizational productivity to analyze the service rendered by the Provincial Government of Batangas, Philippines. This focused on the assessment of innovation in terms of inputs, processes, and outcomes with respect to the demographic profile of the locale. With this assessment of innovation, the paper withheld that innovation is significantly affected, and the results vary in terms of age, sex, educational attainment, and years in service of the government employees. Expressively, dimensions of public leadership bestowed relationship to give innovative public service. It also deliberately manifested that in consideration of the profiling of the employees, the government can maximize the human resources to optimal innovation, creativity, and skills, which leads to employees’ effectiveness, creative ideation, and implementation of best practices. This paper strongly agreed that productivity in the workplace is inevitable. In the end, this paper would propose an enhancement program that might help to hoist productivity and innovation among Batangas employees and administrative personnel.</p> Romel Basilan Copyright (c) 2020 JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research 2020-06-04 2020-06-04 39 1 10.7719/jpair.v39i1.767