Relevance of “Pananaroon” to Islam and Culture of Mȅranaw

  • Arsalan A. Diamaoden Mindanao State University-Main Campus
  • Insah P. Mama Mindanao State University-Main Campus
  • Mohammad Jihan M. Macarambon Mindanao State University-Main Campusv
  • Marwah M. Camama Mindanao State University-Main Campus
Keywords: Pananaroon, Culture, Islam, Proverbs, Mȅranaw, qualitative-naturalistic research design, Philippines


Mȅranaws of Lanao areas is known as a Riyayatan ko Kambilangataw (role model in characters and good deeds). They have their unique cultural beliefs, tradition, and ethics, such as kambilangataw (etiquette), kaseselai (giving worth), kapoporowai (praise) kasangila (heed), kapamagawida (helping each other), kapakiroroyoden (sense of empathy), and kapamagipata, (caring person). This paper attempted to describe the significance of pananaroon (Mȅranaw proverbs) in contemporary Mȅranaw society. This also to determine the role of pananaroon in the lives of the Mȅranaw people since time immemorial until now. Finally, this is to find out the awareness of the Mȅranaws regarding the practice of pananaroon from the Islamic perspective. The researchers used a qualitative-naturalistic research design. This study gathers data through an oral interview of some informants from Marawi City and Municipality of Butig, Lanao del Sur. Field-based research was undertaken through the observational method, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the traditional leaders, local officials, and selected respondents from the academe. Findings revealed that the etymology of the word “pananaroon” comes from the word “taro,” which means speech. Pananaroon (Mȅranaw proverbs) is already a part of the Mȅranaw cultural practices, especially during important events such as a wedding, enthronement, etiquette, and settling family feuds or conflict. The practice of pananaroon is not only confined to its relevance to the Mȅranaw culture, but it also symbolizes nobility and societal rank in society.

Author Biographies

Arsalan A. Diamaoden, Mindanao State University-Main Campus

Marawi city

Insah P. Mama, Mindanao State University-Main Campus

Marawi City

Mohammad Jihan M. Macarambon, Mindanao State University-Main Campusv

Marawi City

Marwah M. Camama, Mindanao State University-Main Campus

Marawi City


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