About the Journal

The Philippine Journal of Agricultural Economics aims to publish any publishable work which focuses on farm management and production economics, agricultural marketing, agricultural policy and development, food and nutrition economics, and environmental and natural resource economics.

The Philippine Journal of Agricultural Economics is open to the community of scholars who wish to have their researches published in a peer-reviewed journal. The journal is produced using a Quality Management System certified for ISO 9001:2008 by the Anglo Japanese American Registrars, Inc. To facilitate cross referencing, linking and citation tracking, the journal adopts Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for every article. Contributors can access the www.philair.ph/publication  

The frequency of issue is once a year. The efficiency and effectiveness of the editorial review process are critically dependent upon the actions of both the research authors and the reviewers. An author accepts the responsibility of preparing the research paper for evaluation by independent reviewers. The responsibility includes subjecting the manuscript to evaluation by peers and revising it prior to submission. The review process is not to be used as a means of obtaining feedback at early stages of developing the research paper.