Good Governance Attributes in Terms of Adequacy and Effectiveness of Public Works




Graft and corruption, good governance, adequacy and effectiveness, Operation Baklas Billboards, descriptive-correlational design, South Korea


Good governance is an antidote to graft and corruption in the implementation of government projects. In public works, gauging the adequacy and effectiveness of program/project evaluation may reflect the absence of graft in the disbursement of funds and imposition of relevant administrative rules and procedures. This study

was conducted to describe good governance through adequacy and effectiveness of program implementation of the “Operation Baklas Billboards” in Region V, Philippines. This formed a basis for implying the low level of graft and corruption in public works. The study was conducted in the entire Bicol Region using respondents from the local offices of public works and highways. Correlation of the two variables was done. The findings revealed high levels of adequacy and effectiveness in the components of the “Operation Baklas Billboards” which were also correlated positively. Nonetheless, the respondents advanced strategies for further enhancement of the program in road safety management. It was implied that low level of graft and corruption could have been possible surmised.




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Bernaldez, P. B. (2015). Good Governance Attributes in Terms of Adequacy and Effectiveness of Public Works. International Journal on Graft and Corruption Research, 2(1).